RFID technologies already have achievements in internet of vehicles, industrial 4.0, asset management, logstic warehousing, intelligent transportation, production processing . . .
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RFID Check In / Check Out

RFID Enabled Check In and Out Eliminates Manual Error.

   - Unattended "Check In / Check Out" of any asset or part.
   - Automatically updates any Database with asset location.
   - Capture asset direction - Check In / Check Out.

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RFID Warehouse Inventory

See the contents of an Area / Warehouse with the press of a button.

   - Quickly see what's in an area / warehouse.
   - Know when something is missing.
   - See if an item is where it is supposed to be.

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RFID Portal

Track items as they move in and out of a specified point of entry.

   - Automated Check-In / Check-Out of items.
   - Track when employees come and go.
   - Trigger an Alarm when something leaves that shouldn't.

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RFID Work In Process (WIP)

Tightly control your Work in Process preventing errors and saving on hidden expenses involved in material flow.

   - Control Conveyor Operations and Flow of Materials.
   - Track materials at all stages of production.
   - Control Lights, Alarms and other GPIO Devices.

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Time Attendance, Tracking

Track attendees as they navigate through a checkpoint: Company, corporate event or trade show . . .

   - Passively scan RFID card or wristbands, using RFID portals.
   - Track areas of the event visited by the attendee along with time stamps.
   - Eliminate long lines that would be introduced with other solutions.

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Local payment

Solution of non-cash payments is a stored value card that can store prepaid money, points, bonus, and other benefits, but the unit can deploy definition. One single contactless cards to be used in many applications public transport, retail outlets, entertainment district, hospitals, schools, industrial park .... Cardholders can load and pay for goods and services with payment cards at the point. The unit can assess their performance through a comprehensive monitoring system offered by Tuệ Minh. Solution of non-cash payment not only bring a better experience for consumers, but also to improve operational efficiency and transparency to the units deployed solution. It is easier to administer, support many payment points. Combined with the co-branded card, loyalty card

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