RFID Solution:

Products applying short-range RFID technology are used in solutions such as access control, electronic timekeeping, elevator control ... Products applying long-range RFID technology are used in control solutions. parking control, warehouse control, warehouse , . .

Warehouse management and supply chain management:


ETC identification cards stuck on vehicles and services. This solution helps vehicles flow through the toll booth without having to stop waiting for payment, keeping the speed of circulation stable and saving fuel.


The card stores value - money, contactless card acts as an "electronic wallet card". With the stored values, cardholders can use the card to quickly and conveniently pay for public transport tickets, retail payments, and other applications.


The RFID chip will be mounted on each stage of the product or animal to record the specifications of the process automatically and are recorded by specialized software to serve as a basis to ensure traceability is produced. products in the value chain, quickly find the origin of goods anywhere. When there is any problem with the product, the business can immediately trace back to find the cause and provide timely solutions. The application of RFID technology in agricultural traceability brings many benefits, especially to consumers, because this technology contributes to safe control of farming areas, control of residues of substances. The product is toxic in farmed aquatic products, certifies that the product does not carry pathogens, consumers can know all information about the product they use, such as where they are raised, what is the environmental conditions, and what food to eat …