RFID Enabled Check In and Out Eliminates Manual Error

On average, 5% of corporate Assets in a well-run organization are unaccounted for at any one time. The most common reason for the loss is human error, forgetting to check out the asset from a storeroom. A RFID Fixed RFID Solution can bring this number down to less than 0.1% by eliminating paper and barcode enabled check in / check out processes that are time consuming and error prone.

Solution Highlights:

Unattended "Check In / Check Out" of any asset or part
Automatically updates any Database with asset location
Easily configured to sound alarms and lights via GPIO
Compatible with most RFID Readers
Easily configured to handle multiple antenna layouts
Connect to ODBC databases (Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and more), Microsoft Excel or tab-delimited text files
Captures all data written on RFID tags

For applications:

Property management and supervision.
Labor tool management.
Manage, search for documents.
Library monitoring and management. . .