Corporate Event Attendance Tracking with RFID

Do you have a Corporate Event? Would you like to track your attendees as they navigate the Trade Show Booths or Corporate Functions? Do this passively using Event Attendance Tracking with RFID. With a Event Attendance Tracking with RFID solution for Event Attendance, easily setup a solution to track your attendees without causing headaches or long lines. Solution will scan all the attendees without any intervention from event staff.

With Event Attendance Tracking using RFID you can do the following:

Keep track of all attendees as they navigate your event.
Capture Tag ID, Reader Name, Antenna Name and Date / Time stamps at all the required locations.
Passively scans RFID badges or wristbands using Fixed RFID scanners or portals.
Limit event staff intervention or long lines that would be introduced with other solutions.
Stream all the attendee information collected to a pre-existing database table, spreadsheet, or text file.
Set up an RFID System without programming.