UHF RFID Component:

The RFID system consists of the following components:


Contains RFID chip, used to attach and identify the information corresponding to the object to be managed. Chip memory stores the information to be managed and rewrite able.
Main components of tag:
    Chip: (the chip's memory can hold up to 96 bits to 512 bits of data 64 times the barcode) stores a unique sequence number or other information based on the card type: read-only, read-write ...
    Antenna: is attached to the chip that transmits information from the chip to the reader. Antenna with larger power indicates greater reading range

RFID printer:

The RFID printer has the main functions:
    Write data into the RFID chip (encoder)
    Lable printer
With different types of tags there will be corresponding printers. Divided by capacity and printing capabilities divided into 3 categories:
    Industrial RFID printer: printing large capacity, continuously
    Desktop RFID printer: Compact, suitable for small capacity printing
    Mobile printer: Super compact, suitable for inventory, mobile.

Fix RFID reader:

    These are the controllers that transmit to the antennas. Transmits energy and data between antenna and tag.

Handheld RFID Readers:

    Handheld RFID Readers - Mobile computer: inventory reading, mobility